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Our Favorite Spring Trends

Updated: Nov 15, 2018

Spring is in full swing, and new fashion trends are popping up all over the place, just like spring flowers.

1. High Waisted Jeans

With the popularity of crop tops, high waisted jeans and shorts are another one of our fav fashion trends. These jeans are comfortable, and stylish. Throughout the last year, high waisted jeans are becoming more popular and designers are getting creative! Stretchy materials are common, but now thicker, vintage denim is becoming more and more prevalent!

2. Statement Earrings

In the past, statement necklaces were all the rage. Now, statement earrings are making their debut this spring. These earrings come in all shapes and sizes. From cool geometric shapes to non-traditional materials, these earrings are what every fashion lover needs.

3. Stripes

The trend started with striped tops, and has since transitioned to jumpsuits, dresses, pants, and more. Stripes come in a shapes and sizes, such as pinstripes, thicker stripes, or even double striped. Stripes allow for multiple colors to work together to create a new and unique look.

4. Culotte Pants

Although skinny jeans are very popular, we are starting to transition to the culotte pants. These pants are the complete opposite of skinny jeans. They have the bell bottom feel combined with a cropped pant. Some may call them gaucho pants, but we are going to term them culotte pants.

5. Basic Wardrobe Staples

Every fashion lover needs their basic tees. Whether you style them with a scarf, or a tie at the bottom, these wardrobe staples are essential in anyone's wardrobe. How will you style them?

Thanks for reading our blog! Comment below your favorite spring trends!

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