About us

My name is Zoe, I am one of the owners, along side, my best friend and boyfriend Spenser. Nice to meet you. I imagine you found yourself on this page because you were curious "about us". From the surface, we are pretty average people. We enjoy our days off and love to be with family. During those other 5 days a week, we hustle each day to try to make our business into a livelihood.

Here is a little bit about how we got started...

A conversation on the drive home from Highland square is where it all began.  We were living in Spenser’s parents basement and trying to figure out what the next step for us was.


We wanted somewhere to shop in this my home town that was a “different” experience. Somewhere that the clothing wasn’t all the same and the space actually had some love put into it.


We were fresh out of college, paired with a Fashion Degree and Psychology we were ready.

That’s when the idea for our unique, little shop came. A shop that entailed both women's and men's clothing, but had old music to flip through and maybe a coffee cup with a cuss word on it.

A shop that the merchandise was always changing and the brands were intermixed. A shop where stuff varies in price; maybe something is 150 dollars and something is 1 dollar

(we really do sell surprise dollar records).  


We created this as a platform. A platform that we are free to create and develop. A platform for us to house over 50+ amazing brands. Somewhere that we can try our ideas, and get real feedback.

A place where we can meet other creative, like minded people.

We may look like a typical boutique, but our plans are nothing near typical.

Our Goal

We promise to inspire customers to express their own individuality by offering products and an environment that explores culture and creativity. 

We commit to continually explore and research products that set us a part from others.

We promise to always improve the experience to make it the best for our customers.

Visit Us

186 S Washington Street, Tiffin, OH 44883


Tuesday - Friday            11am - 6pm

Saturday                            11am-4pm

Sunday & Monday                 Closed


186 S Washington Street, Tiffin, OH 44883

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